Are you just starting out with Crypto Mixing? Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. Let us walk you through the process and set you up to your first Bitcoin Mix at MyCryptoMixer!

Why mix your Bitcoins ? It's simple and you can learn about it in another post on our blog.

Learn MyCryptoMixer – The Trusted Bitcoin Mixer Made Simple For Everyone

MyCryptoMixer is the most user-friendly Bitcoin mixing service in the market. We are empowered to deliver joy to people who value online privacy and are looking for an easy-to-use mixer system to ensure full anonymity and secure Bitcoin transactions. Once you get the hang of it, it will be so rewarding.

For your information, we have several unique cryptocurrency pools for the mixing process. Depending on your preference and selected amount of service fee, your coins will be mixed into a randomly assigned pool before they are successfully sent to your designated destination wallet address.

Before You Begin

It is highly important to note that the mixed transactions are irreversible and sending coins or tokens other than BTC may result in the permanent loss of your deposit. Please proceed with caution and verify that the destination wallet address(es) is correct.

For the rest of the tutorial, we will be using the terms:

Source Address - The wallet which holds the Bitcoins that you will like to mix.

Destination Address(es) - The wallet(s) which you will be assigning to receive the mixed coins

Mixer Address - The Bitcoin address that you will be sending your Bitcoins into

There is presently 1 supported cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin) in the MyCryptoMixer platform. Bitcoin remains the cryptocurrency of choice for most of our users, and mixing Bitcoin ensures anonymity and untraceable transactions. For additional privacy measures, you may access MyCryptoMixer from the Tor browser as well. Coupled with a trusted VPN, it has been known that you can obfuscate your digital tracks completely.

At MyCryptoMixer, you may allocate your mixed coins to be distributed up to 5 destination addresses. If you do not have 5 destination addresses and wish to create them, there are several types of wallets for your consideration: Mobile, Desktop, Web and Hardware Wallet. Explore best crypto wallets in 2020 and decide which option suits you the most.

Once you are ready, you may proceed to the section below.

Mix Your Bitcoins in Just 5 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Ensure the Web Address is Correct

For optimal experience, use a desktop browser to visit MyCryptoMixer ( ). Ensure that the web address is correct before proceeding.

If you are access MyCryptoMixer via an anonymous browser such as Tor Browser, do verify that the onion address is as follow: http://mymixerxiukle6mo.onion

Once you are on the homepage, click on the ‘Bitcoin Icon’.

Step 1 - Ensure the Web Address is Correct

Step 2 - Configure your Destination Address(es)

Input your destination address in the ‘Destination's Bitcoin Addresses’ field. If you wish to add more destination addresses, click on ‘Add New Address’. You may add up to 5 unique destination addresses. The more destination addresses are inputted, the harder it is for third party analytic services to trace your transaction. You will also gain improved anonymity with more destination addresses.

Alternatively, if you are sending to multiple real-life recipients, obtain their bitcoin wallet address and input their addresses in the field.

Selecting multiple destination address(es) will unveil the ‘Funds Distribution’ slider. Drag the slider bar to determine the ideal mixed coins distribution for each destination address, in percentage (%) . Each destination address will be differentiated with different colors in the slider bar.

The ‘Transfer Delay’ slider allows you to pick the ideal time that your destination address(es) will receive the respective amount of mixed coins. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the delay, the harder it is to trace the transaction.

MyCryptoCode’ field allows you to input a unique code into the field. This code is required if you do not wish for your mixed coins to appear in future mixes. (Note: A unique MyCryptoCode will only be generated AFTER your first successful mix, which you can obtain at Step 3. Do write down the code somewhere safe for future usage)

You may input your preferred ‘Service Fee (%)’, ranging from 0.50% to 5.00% (up to 2 decimal places) in the field provided. It is advisable to pick a different service fee amount for subsequent mix processes, to improve anonymity and traceability. This fee is also obtained to keep the MyCryptoMixer going, as well as to fees for our pool of Bitcoin miners.

Once you are done with the configuration, click on the ‘Continue’ button to proceed to the next step.

Step 2 - Configure your Destination Address(es)

Step 3 - Send the Bitcoin to the mixer

On this page, you will find a field labelled as ‘Letter of Guarantee ’. Please download this text file as it acts as an official receipt to your mix transaction details and can be used in the event of a dispute.

Beside the Letter of Guarantee field, you will also see 2 other fields labelled as ‘Order ID’ and ‘MyCryptoCode’ . The Order ID acts as the official receipt number and can be used in the event of a dispute.

Next, you will see a QR Code and a Bitcoin address (i.e. Mixer address). Transfer the amount as indicated in the label ‘ Transfer Between … and … to the following address ’ . ONLY send the Bitcoin (BTC) amount indicated within the accepted cost range. For example, if the range is between 0.0255 BTC to 0.1 BTC, you may send 0.08 BTC (within range) to the indicated mixer address. Sending an amount outside the range may result in a permanent loss of your funds.

After sending the bitcoin amount into the mixer address, you will see your deposited amount in the ‘Incoming Transactions’ box. The ‘Outgoing Transactions’ will show the status of the mixed coins that are being sent to the destination address(es).

Once the deposit is successfully received on the mixer address, you will be directed to the next page.

Step 3 - Send the Bitcoin to the mixer

Step 4 - Processing your mixed coins

As mentioned in Step 3, this page shows the ‘Incoming Transactions’ and a summary of the successful deposit of your bitcoin amounts to the mixer address.

Step 4 - Processing your mixed coins

Step 5 - Successful transfer of your mixed coins

After the maximum transfer delay time which you have selected in Step 2 has been reached , your mixed coins will be deposited into the respective destination address(es). Successful deposit will be marked with ‘Sent’ in the ‘Outgoing Transactions’ box

Step 5 - Successful transfer of your mixed coins

And there you have it!

The route to full anonymity in your Bitcoin transaction has just begun! If you have further enquiries, feel free to contact our awesome support team or click here to find out more about the frequently asked questions.

Stay Safe and Anonymous!